What Our Customers Say

Many of our clients have been with us for decades. See what a few of them have to say about the high quality of our staff and services.

What Our Customers Say

“The Cyberspace T&E Branch Head Net-Centric Systems Test Technology Area Executing Agent has stated that: “The SSI team has always maintained the highest professionalism level and as a result has been very successful in establishing a very solid relationship with our sponsor and with our numerous S&T project leads. In this community, the SSI team is highly regarded and recognized as a critical part of the team. They consistently manage their key personnel in such a way that the Government always benefits. Without question the SSI team always assigns the right person to complete required tasking.”

“SSI staff members are recognized for outstanding, timely support to NFESC including the NFESC Public Affairs Officer who lauded them “for spending long hours troubleshooting one computer-related problem after another, tirelessly seeking positive solutions to seemingly intractable issues without gripes or complaint…They have consistently gone above and beyond our expectations to assist us in the timely completion of mission critical projects.” The Director, Facilities Systems Division further applauded our team with “…BZ for technical expertise, professional demeanor, and patience to get the required results.”

Thank you from all of us here at NAVFAC for the work in support of our Platform Reviews. As you know our team came off of two weeks of leave and were asked to provide slides on the Monday that we returned to the office. I know many of you worked very hard to support our schedule (1-2 days) to polish and edit that last 10%. Your team has helped us to develop ILS products. The SSI team is a significant contributor to this success story. Your quality work and on-time delivery is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again SSI team!

The Assistant Program Manager, Logistics for Integrated Training and Training Ranges Live/Virtual/Constructive Department stated that: “SSI has done a fantastic job. They have been highly collaborative with the COR and Government customers and have demonstrated exceptional flexibility and creativity in managing the contractor team in support of Live/Virtual/Constructive Programs. . . .SSI has proposed new and innovative ways to approach long-standing tasks by flexing their team, better aligning work, and implementing new processes. They have exceeded the requirement and provide a great benefit to the Government increasing efficiency and providing better focus.”